ProCAD ETC (Pty) Ltd was originally established in October 2009 as ProCAD Training (Pty) Ltd.

The board of Gantt Chart Project Management (Pty) Ltd identified the need to improve the skill of their drafting and engineering department staff and the decision was taken to establish a sister training company to not only benefit Gantt Chart staff but the broader general population, hence the establishment of ProCAD Training. The ProCAD name is indicative of the primary fields of training, Project Management, and Computer Aided Design.

ProCAD Training developed over time and the scope of services offered started overlapping those of Gantt Chart Project Management. In 2016, the boards of ProCAD Training and Gantt Chart Project Management resolved to restructure the companies to ensure more dedicated and focused service.

The company was renamed as ProCAD ETC (Pty) Ltd. The new name being an indication of the three speciality fields offered namely; Engineering, Training and Consulting.

The professionals and associates of both ProCAD Training and Gantt Chart Project Management are now all incorporated into the new company.

Our Mission

To be a highly reputable and sought after company offering the complete package of project management, engineering design and training, known for our high emphasis on our values of honesty, integrity, incisiveness, resilience and vigour.

To train and mentor our learners to a level that they are highly sought after by prospective employees and moulding our employees to be highly sought after by our competitors.

Our Goals

To establish our first AAP on school level by mid-2016.

To have our DPSD (Disabled Persons Sustainable Development) Programme functional by end-2016.

To have offices and facilities in all provinces by end 2017.

To have a training and design facility fully manned by disabled persons by end 2017.

To expand into sub-Saharan Africa during 2017.

To be the largest Autodesk ATC in sub-Saharan Africa by end-2019

Our Vision

We shall achieve our Mission and Goals by;

Constantly developing our employees’ skills level through continuous training, mentoring and guidance.

Vigorously pursuing partners to join us in our quest to empower disabled persons to a self-sustainable life through training and securing employment.

Continuously seeking partnerships in our AAP programme that will ensure the future of our countries youth and the company’s growth.

Remaining an apolitical, non-racist, non-discriminatory company that seeks to develop all persons, especially the disabled persons who are being left behind by the mainstream economy.

Our Values


We shall always conduct ourselves in an honest and trustworthy manner towards all be it fellow employees, clients, learners or a homeless person on the street.


We shall maintain consistency of our actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes.


We shall conduct ourselves in a clear, accurate and decisive manner towards all. We will say what we mean and do what we say.


We shall keep focused on the goals and specific outcomes and ensure that the results are achieved and projects kept on track.


We shall take on all challenges in a direct and energetic manner, not leaving things to chance but make them happen.

Our Social Development Programme

We are entirely committed to our Disabled Persons Substantial Development Programme. The core of the programme is to train and develop persons of the disabled community in the use of Autodesk Design Software, mentor them throughout their development and drive to secure them sustainable employment and projects.

Due to the excessive costs involved, we constantly seek corporate, governmental and NGO partnership and sponsorships.

A major part of the programme is to involve persons from the hearing-impaired community. This is a very intricate project due to the limitations of sign language. We have formed a partnership with the Development Institute for the Deaf and Blind (DIDB) and Real South Africa Sign Language (RealSASL) to firstly develop the sign required then develop and train instructors to conduct the training.

Our current successes include the training of a visually impaired man (5% total visibility) to an AutoCAD Instructor level. He is now employed by our company as senior CAD facilitator. We have two paraplegic men currently undergoing training as draftsmen.