My AutoCad Journey

Hi, I’mdisability training (1) Sean Bradly Canon

I am an Autodesk Certified Professional and Autodesk Facilitator at ProCAD training in Rustenburg, South Africa. What makes me unique from other facilitators is the fact that I am blind. My vision is limited to a mere 5% in my right eye. I was not born with this disability.

My interest in drafting started at a young age when my dad took me to work with him and I saw these big drawing boards on which he was working drawing lines and circles and writing numbers and letters. He was producing plans and drawings and I was fascinated by this. I wanted to do the same when I grew up.

In later years my father told me about the AutoCAD programme they had got and how it worked and this intrigued me even more.

My journey with AutoCAD started on my last day of school when the headmaster announced during assembly that there is a company that is seeking two students who are interested in commencing with a career as a draftsman. My application was successful and I was off to commence my training and was introduced to AutoCAD R14.

I was hooked on drafting and AutoCAD from the first day but unfortunately a mere 8 months later, the company closed down.

Shortly thereafter my parents and I immigrated to South Africa from Zimbabwe and it was at this time that I started noting the loss of vision starting to happen, first in my left eye and then in my right eye. I was diagnosed as having a large tumour growing from my pituitary gland. This tumour was putting pressure on my optic nerves causing the loss of vision. I had a major operation in 2007 which was not very successful as the Neurologist was only able to remove a small portion of the tumour and my vision did not improve. Following the operation I had to undergo radiation treatment and medication and was unable to work. This was a shocking and traumatic time for me and the end result was me having the limited vision I have now and me being certified as disabled and blind.

In 2009 my father bought me the AutoCAD 2009 package and I accepted the challenge to teach myself all over again as my passion for drafting did not die. I slowly but surely started to find my way around the programme again.

In 2010 I received a job offer from a company looking for a disabled person. The work was not in drafting but telesales. I continued working on Autodesk at home and it remained my passion. I decided to go for formal training and in November 2011 I contacted ProCAD training to obtain a quote for the full time drafting course starting the following February. I spoke to the owner Mrs. Stephanie Jones and she was extremely helpful from the first call. The cost of the course was above my budget but I was determined to attend the course and Stephanie was willing to assist me with a payment plan that made it possible for me to afford the training. Full of excitement I enrolled and couldn’t wait to get going.

I started the training course in February 2012 and loved every minute of it. All the ProCAD staff where extremely professional and my facilitator Brendon Beets and Stephanie went out of their way to help not just me but the entire class. My proudest moment was in November 2012 when I wrote and passed my Autodesk Certified Associate Examination with a pass mark in excess of 90%. This achievement fuelled my fire to not only use AutoCAD but to become part of the entire Autodesk experience. Following the course I returned to work again not working in the drafting field although I kept on working on AutoCAD in my spare time.

My desire to be part of the Autodesk experience grew by the day and one day in September 2013 I decided to call Stephanie at ProCAD again and ask her about the requirements to become an Autodesk facilitator. To my surprise she was excited about me enquiring and stated that she had a vacancy for a facilitator and would love me to join the ProCAD team. I started working at ProCAD immediately and learnt from the experienced facilitators on how to present class and how to handle students of various levels of experience. I completed my Certified Professional Certificate and under partial supervision from the senior facilitator Brendon Beets I facilitated my first class.

Today I still work proudly at ProCAD Training, teaching people my skills. I enjoy being able to teach people from all walks of life, from novices to professional draftsmen and engineers, old and young, male and female.

I love working with people, teaching them the software and programmes that changed my life and keeps me as a person fulfilled and happy.